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Massage Therapy Services

Looking for therapeutic massage while visiting or living in Colorado Springs?  Maybe you need to heal or de-stress from the challenges life can throw your way.  Inspire Movements is your #1 choice for renewed health and wellbeing. 

standard massage

90 min
240 min

headache & migraine relief

We recommend at least a 90 min session for headache and migraine relief

hip & lower back pain relief

We recommend 90 minutes to 240 min session for low back pain relief

Complementary enhancements


hot stones


essential oils

hot towels

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Do you need low back pain relief? Inspire Movements Therapeutic Massage specializes carries many certifications in low back pain maintenance, specifically because after a crazy car accident, Jessica had to figure out how to manage her pain, and Massage was the backbone of her self-care regimen. In her management of her pain, she discovered how to treat herself and individuals with low back pain effectively.

lower heart rate

improved energy

reduced pain & tension

Build Your Own Massage Treatment

Choose your massage, add an appointment, and build your very own day of therapeutic massage.